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 At Aero Sport Power we specialize in manufacturing new aircraft engines and overhauling specific models and accessories for Experimental Aircraft. We offer in-house non-destructive testing, cylinder overhaul and custom cylinder flow testing, camshaft grinding and accessory overhauls.

Aero Sport Power Ltd. is a fully insured company in association with two affiliated companies. Firstly, Pro Aero Aviation Ltd., a Transport Canada AMO (Approved Maintenance Organization equivilant to a FAA Repair Station) specializes in piston engine and accessory overhaul and testing. Pro Aero Aviation overhauls an average of 300 certified engines a year for commercial and private operators. Secondly, Progressive Air Services Ltd. a Transport Canada Approved Distribution company supplies piston engine parts to most areas of North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Aero Sport Power also sells engines to customers in all of these areas and has the official approval of the Light Aircraft Association of the UK to supply engines for LAA controlled non-certified aircraft. Read Article.

We have a modern, fully equipped 15,000 square foot facility, located in the Interior of British Columbia, Canada, at the Kamloops Airport. All engines that are assembled and tested at Aero Sport Power meet or exceed the high standards of certified engines.


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